Research and Development


Research and Development

The main purpose of Research and Development activities of EnviroTaqa is to extend the Science-based solutions to the existing environmental problems leading to brilliant environment management and unique sustainable development of the world resources not only in the country. Because EnviroTaqa believes that research topics and results from academic research are the solution of tomorrow’s issues, we are committed to turn research results into new and better services to improve the quality of the services delivered to our clients.

EnviroTaqa partners with companies, universities and research organizations to carry out research and development work at our laboratories in Egypt.

We are interested in research into new applications for microorganisms or improved microbial processes, as well as work to help our customers understand the impact of microbial activity on their business, our skilled microbiologists undertake identification of unknown isolates, and can perform microbial strain analysis, so we can work with our clients to problem solve microbial issues with waste streams and monitor efficacy of our Bio-remediation technology.

In EnviroTaqa we also provide Toxicity Testing by using high quality and cost effective analysis of toxicity, also in our chemistry laboratory we handle a variety of liquid and solid sample waste types where we offer commonly requested effluent tests as required by our clients.

Biogas & waste to Energy researches (WTE), (WTE) research team in EnviroTaqa seeks pathways to use biomass waste feed stock primarily methane from local and regional current waste treatment processes to recover energy and produce fuels, fertilizers and chemicals. We focus on techno-economic analysis (TEA), research and development required for upgrading biogas to fuels and high value by-products.

EnviroTaqa is interested in the area of converting waste to energy—specifically the potential of the following waste streams:

  • Commercial, institutional, and residential food wastes, particularly those currently disposed of in landfills
  • Biomass waste
  • Plant waste, animal waste, and human waste
  • Biosolids, organic-rich aqueous streams, and sludge’s from municipal wastewater-treatment processes
  • Manure slurries from concentrated livestock operations
  • Organic wastes from industrial operations, including but not limited to food and beverage manufacturing, biodiesel production, and integrated Biorefineries, as well as potentially other industries such as pulp and paper, forest products, and pharmaceuticals
  • Biogas derived from any of the above feedstock streams, including but not limited to landfill gas.
  • Design of bioreactors
  • Energy production using anaerobic digestion technology

Because EnviroTaqa believes in new environmental software technologies and how this technology can be very useful, highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective. EnviroTaqa worldwide software outsourcing models certifies that we deliver top-notch products to your business based on your unique business requirements. EnviroTaqa focused on creating software for the Enterprises who are looking for quality, Efficiency & highly productive software to respond to a rapidly changing environment within company and in the industry. Our multi-disciplinary research team designs, develops, deploys and supports customized and innovative IT based solutions for a broad range of environmental planning and management problems.


Our creative scientific thinking is our solution to provide innovative ideas to your environmental challenges, to ensure compliance with international best practices and the latest scientific innovations. Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our clients.


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Environmental Biotechnology Services

We are In EnviroTaqa believe Biological treatment of waste will be the future waste treatment processes as an efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly approach.

Environmental Biotechnology is the multidisciplinary integration of sciences and engineering in order to utilize the huge biochemical potential of microorganisms, plants and parts thereof for the restoration and preservation of the environment and for the sustainable use of resources.

Environmental biotechnology is defined as the development, use and regulation of biological system e.g. cells, cell compartments, enzymes, for remediation of contaminated environment’s (land, air, water and sediment’s), and for environment-friendly processes (green manufacturing technologies and sustainable development).

The primary role of environmental biotechnology is to develop better approaches for sustainable development and for understanding processes in the natural environment. The driving force of biotechnology is abilities of microorganism utilizations of various carbon sources natural occurring as pollutants.



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