Waste To Energy Services (WTE)

EnviroTaqa for Sustainable Environmental Services & Renewable Energy (Egypt) succeeded to conduct a professional Partnership with the lead European company Renergon International AG (Switzerland), creating alliance to lead the industry of biogas production & waste to energy plants in Egypt.

Using Renergon’s (RSD) patent technology for Biomass Anaerobic Digestion (Dry fermentation) EnviroTaqa is aimed to provide “state-of-the-art, turnkey technology solutions” for turning organic waste into renewable energy, compost, and fertilizers.

EnviroTaqa build and operates Biogas Waste to Energy Plants with various capacity Small, Medium, and Large-Scale ones.

As a technology leader in the field of solid fermentation biogas production & Waste to energy, EnviroTaqa Renergon JV stands for stable power production, maximum plant safety, optimum process sequences and high gas yields.

EnviroTaqa believe in biomass as a very sustainable source for renewable energy where waste streams are available and produced naturally on daily basis where majority of municipal solid waste (MSW), food, agriculture, animal manure, chicken manure, or any other sources for organic and green waste can be converted to biogas or electric power.

Problem-Solving – in extracting value from organic waste in creating valuable, sustainable products such as biofuel, biogas, renewable energy, compost, fertilizer, biochar – always combined with global social and environmental responsibility.

Field of Business: Project development, planning and construction of waste disposal plants with solid-state fermentation (RSD-Renergon Simultaneous Digestion) as the key technology for energy production.

Biomass is the Most

Underestimated Global Nature Resources

EnviroTaqa Renergon Is A Top- Notch B2B Solution Provider

We help to combat the problem of the worldwide growing mountains of waste and air pollution through combustion posing a major threat to health and climate by extracting value from organic waste (up to 60% of total depending on region) and creating valuable, sustainable products such as:


Always combined with global social and environmental responsibility, guided by The UN Sustainable Development Goals

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